more friendly faces

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  1. Who took the pictures of the little girl and the little boy? I thought there would be 47 images since the number was imprinted. I was really excited about looking at the portraits which i love to examine. I assumed that ray took the pictures. There was something in the picture of the little black boy which reminded me of an exchange I had with Rachel a number of years ago. She might even remember the occurrence. Since I am interested in physiognomy I remember telling Rachel that I thought certain black faces have very small little ears unrelated to the stature of the individual. I wonder if there are any ethnographic studies of the body types and physical features of the various tribes in Africa. I am really anxious to see your photos and i may not know how to load the 47 if indeed you did send that many. I seem confused traveling around program you are using. All of a sudden there was a mention of gravtaur which I knew nothing about. The photo of the little girl was exquisite. Let me hear what you have to say about the facial features of the black boy. Norman

    • There weren’t 47 photos, we are posting a few at a time. Glad you are enjoying the pics. Love and miss you! Rachel

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