Simon, our guide, told us that elephants are his favorite residents of the Maasai Mara, since they are quite intelligent. Apparently they exhibit complex social behaviors, such as mourning their dead. There were a couple families we ran into several times on our drives. I’ll save the pics of the baby elephants for a separate post. Here are the hilights of the adults.

I also have some awesome video of two males sparring with each other, but the Safaricom internet connection, while reliable, isn’t quite up for a several hundred megabyte upload. That video, along with the video I took of baby lions playing with daddy, and the clip of a mother giraffe fighting a dozen hyenas for the body of her baby, will have to wait until I get home.

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  1. HI, you are all very fortunate to be getting a view of the death f the Islamic hero from people in the street who is Muslims. I’d like to hear more of what you sense is the world of the street. I have always believed that down deep in the hearts of many Muslims that Osama was their hero or poster boy although they never went about shouting into the sky. Maybe I’m wrong but your observations will be appreciated. I have really been enjoying your posts and those friends of mine whom I also forwarded them to have all spoken in high regard of your writing and photos. This evening Mom and I saw a most beautiful sentimental film produced years before you were both born. The name “National Velvet” with Mickey Rooney and recently diseased Liz Taylor. Made in 1945 but a real sentimental tear jerking story. The pics of the elephants were beautiful. As a smart as you described them I understand they can be very mean and dangerous. Is that true? Love from Papa who can’t get enough of Rays in Kenya. I also hope the time is near when Obama after the death of Osama will really start pulling our troops out of Afghanistan and bringing them home and let the Libyans handle their own revolution

  2. LOVE the elephants =) [and the rest of the blog, too…]
    show me the babies, please!

    oh, and please find a way to bring one back to the states for me.

  3. […] beaches, Maasai Mara park, Lions, baby lions (and more baby lions), elephants and baby elephants, Nairobi, Kisumu’s ambassadors, and reflections on religion in Kenya are […]

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