Zanzibar beaches

we take a break from the animals to give you a taste of Zanzibar’s beaches, well worth the visit if you are ever in East Africa! Here is what it looked like on arrival.

pretty stoked after being on planes for a day.

the sunsets!

when you need to cool off and don’t want beer, the ginger soda named Stoney Tangawizi (how is this not a name for marijuana?), is your best bet.

lots of time to relax and read in the sun (no sponsorship from amazon to disclose)

there were a few boats around, but none seemed to be going anywhere fast, especially the sailboats trying to sail with no wind…

the locals were actually pretty good beach volleyball players.

next up, baby elephants!

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  1. Great photos of unclutteed beaches. Seeems like a Rx for what ailes you. Keep up the photos. By the way Are you going back and forth from Kenya to Zanzibar?
    Whatdo you do for excitement in the evnenings? All’s well here. I take my driver’s etst on Thursday morning. I am at the point where I really don’t are if I pass it or not.I do think I am a pretty good driver. It’s starting tro get rreal hot here. Thinking of you. L’Hitraoate., Papa PS how about some descriptions of scows and animalas like the lizard or the snake.

  2. WOuld lioke to see somwe RAchel and RAy photos with images of the natives and rtheir colorfull clothing. You know I am a physiognamist so I want to see the way africans look. Papa

  3. Sorry about the spelling. Papa

  4. These photos are amazing Rachel! I could see them in a coffee table book…

    • All the credit goes to Ray – if we ever get around to that coffee table book I’ll let you know. Thanks! Rachel

  5. […] Zanzibar beaches, Maasai Mara park, Lions, baby lions (and more baby lions), elephants and baby elephants, Nairobi, Kisumu’s ambassadors, and reflections on religion in Kenya are just a few of the posts we got the most feedback from. […]

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