Luo men, like Barak?

Rachel and I are now working in the FACES (Family AIDS Care and Education Services) clinic in Kisumu. As part of our orientation to the entire clinic, we spent several hours in the pharmacy helping dispense HIV medications. There we met Mel, a young, proud, and talkative man of the Luo tribe (the same tribe as Obama’s father). This afternoon, he chose to explain the role of a Luo man and woman to Liz and Iris, the young, educated, female pharmacists. Here are some of the hilights:

-apparently a Luo wife is supposed to wake up at 5am to prepare her husband’s breakfast and bathwater

-a Luo wife is not to walk too far ahead of her husband

-if a Luo man says or does something erroroneously, his wife is supposed to try to fix it without letting her husband know he is wrong.

-according to Mel, Liz and Iris are not marriage material because they don’t heed by these rules.

Iris and Liz could not stop laughing all afternoon, and told Mel to go find himself a village woman. Mel asked me to take sides with him, and I explained that things are a little different where we live. I also mentioned that the first boss of Luo idol Barak Obama was a young rising lawyer named Michelle Robinson. They married several years later, and I don’t think she prepares his bathwater in the morning…


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  1. As soon as mira was born I let Karyn know that she could sleep in until 505am as long as it didn’t delay my bathwater prep time.

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