giraffes, G-rated

here are some toddler safe pictures of graffes (baby giraffe’s being eaten by hyenas later…), which were common sights on the plains of the Maasai Mara.

apparently they often suffer complications of high blood pressure. as you could imagine, it takes some pressure to pump blood all the way up the 7 foot neck and into the head. believe it or not, you have the same number of neck vertebrae as a giraffe. theirs are just longer. i don’t understand how their heads don’t explode when they come down to drink…

the male coats are slightly darker

even though they have to eat up to 20+ hours per day, they took the time to stare at us as we approached. they never ran away, just wandered away from us as we lingered.

white rhinos coming soon!

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  1. Beutiful Giraff pics. Say I thought thatthe giraf is a rotected specie. I betthe lions know when they are getting to drop a baby and then maked their grand entrance.Are the giraffs strong enoughiny way to beat off a lion attack. I am sure that their kick can be verydaagung to a lion. Rachel we will be atyour moms tomorrow for mother’s day. Maybe we will call you. Were all the animal pics taken on one trip or do go back more times? Love, Papa

  2. I see a coffee table book in your future. Great pics and commentary.

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