the ambassadors

As Rachel mentioned in a previous post, there’s a group of kids who live in our apartment building we call “the ambassadors”, because whenever we walk through the gate, they will suddenly stop all shrieking, running, and other horseplay, walk up to us, and with a straight face, shake our hands in turn and say “hello, how are you”. When Rachel brought the camera out to take some pics of the building, the ambassadors insisted on being the stars of the show.

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  1. They are the absolute cutest representatives of Kenya. They are beautiful.

  2. Glad to see you are getting a little advertising on your web page. Do you get any royalties from it? I enjoyed studying the faces of the young ambassadores. i am looking at them from the standpoint of a physical anthropologist. The little boys have nice round heads which are clean shaven. Are they all clean shaven and the little girl has corn braids. Do they all have thes corn braids? I love their smiles and willingness to play around with you. Are they all from the same tribes or don’t you know. What is the tribal situation? I’d like to see more of their hands, noses, ears and legs. The little girl seems lighter than the boys. Is she from a different tribe? Does it mean that she is of a mixed heritage? Do all the children we have seen speak the same language? I sent your URL to Linda Israel our cousin. Her brother is married to women who is an African linguist but I think she is a specialist in Uganda dialects (Ebo). I enjoyed your flying story and enjoyed seeing all the planes. I knew Howard would have something special to say about that. I was also interested in the essay on the openness of disclosing HIV positive. All’s well and looking forward to seeing you in San Diego soon. Love from Papa 5/17/11 Do they sell coccanut water? I have been drinking it lately. It’s very high in potassium and lightly sweeet naturally

  3. […] Maasai Mara park, Lions, baby lions (and more baby lions), elephants and baby elephants, Nairobi, Kisumu’s ambassadors, and reflections on religion in Kenya are just a few of the posts we got the most feedback […]

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