Goodbye Kisumu!

Tomorrow morning we fly out of Kisumu and back to Nairobi, the first leg of our return home. In honor of leaving our home for 2 months, Kisumu, I’ve compiled a list of things I’ll miss dearly. And those I wont.

Top 5 things I’ll miss:

1. Sunsets, clouds and the sky in general

2. The awesome staff and patients at Lumumba

3. Warm evenings without a sweater

4.The shack store that sells and plays CDs that we pass each day on the way to work – always makes me want to break out into a dance.

5. Our amazing 3 bedroom flat and the ambassadors.

Top 5 things I won’t miss at all!

1. Burning garbage smell

2. Giant dudus (Swahili for bugs)

3. Our neighbor’s barking dogs

4. Our tiny bed and mosquito net

5. Did I mention the bats?

Ciao Kisumu, hello Nairobi!

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  1. Have wonderful safe trip home. Would love to see you soon in San Diego. Keep an eye open for a colorful African short sleeve shirt or me. I’m known for my Hawaiian shirts and ethnic necklaces at the Vi.

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