Coming full circle

After 2 flights, 1 layover (Schiphol Airport is A-mazing!), 17 hours of flying complicated by 4 intermittently shrieking toddlers,  and countless dutch meals courtesy of KLM these two sniffle ridden travelers are HOME!


It’s strange to be back in the land of plenty.  Just the paved over sidewalks and lack of ambient dust in the air is throwing me for a loop, to say nothing of the weather. It feels freezing even though I know this is just normal SF “summer”. Eventually my internal thermometer will reset I suppose.


Thanks to all who commented and read this blog and thanks to Ray who made it prettier than I could have ever imagined. Its been a great experience putting thoughts into words and essays and I hope its been fun, or at least interesting to read. Further travels and adventures will be coming soon, I’m sure.



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  1. Thank you for your colors and insight. I feel like I was in yu back pocket.

  2. Welcome home Rachel and Ray. You have both made a very important deposit into your memory bank. The sights and sounds are tucked away and who knows when you will call on them to assist you both in contributing to your efforts in healing the world which is my prayer for you both. After all to have experienced such sights and observed “mankind” you must have given some thoughts to how the world works and what you would like to see changed. The future of civilization rest in hands such as yours to do or not to do. That is the question you will have to answer. I am confident that you will make difference for the improvement of the human condition. Go to it! 6/1/11

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