kwa heri! (goodbye)

Rachel and I finally came back to SF yesterday! I thought I’d have time on the flight to collect my reflections on the trip, but unfortunately we  both contracted the common cold from the babies and children who were sneezing on us in clinic, so I spent the trip trying to sleep it off. Here are some links to highlights of the trip:

Zanzibar beaches, Maasai Mara park, Lions, baby lions (and more baby lions), elephants and baby elephants, Nairobi, Kisumu’s ambassadors, and reflections on religion in Kenya are just a few of the posts we got the most feedback from.


And, as promised, I finally uploaded the videos!

-first, the battle of hyenas and mother giraffe over a baby giraffe’s body:




-a family of lions hanging out:


the cubs clearly out to bother daddy:


-and elephants jousting:



Finally, because we had been sleeping for several days in a bat-infested apartment (before we sealed off the holes that lead into the bat-cave/attic), we technically were at risk from bat bites and potential rabies exposure. See, bats usually bite when you are sleeping, and their bite is the size of a pin-prick, so you usually can’t see it. Being somewhat knowledgable public health folk, we realized that the risk of actually being bitten by a rabid bat was insanely low, probably one in a million or less. However, we also didn’t want to be the idiot doctors/future public health professionals who actually got rabies and lived forevermore as case-reports in medical journals. So today we got rabies post-exposure prophylaxis, which consisted of the rabies vaccine (magenta liquid below, injected into the arm), and human rabies immune globulin, which came in a much larger volume and therefore had to be divided in half and injected into each butt cheek. Suffice to say, it hurts to sit now.

Good times! Thanks for reading! More adventures and new blogs to follow!



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